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Monarch Caring and Community Award

July 1, 2022

Honoring and celebrating ScionHealth’s compassionate, courageous, hard-working caregivers has been a top priority for our organization. That’s why we are excited to announce the creation of the Monarch Caring and Community Award – the enterprise’s new and highest annual award that will honor exceptional caregivers at our specialty hospitals and community hospital campuses across the country. This award should define our “best of the best” among us.

Our Leadership has handpicked these deserving individuals who represent the following criteria:

  • Consistently go above and beyond to deliver excellent patient care and to elevate the patient experience
  • Possess an extraordinary sense of compassion
  • Possess a high level of clinical skill
  • Possess a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of patients and their families.
  • Are outstanding teammates who contribute to a hospital culture build on respect and helpfulness among colleagues
  • Are dedicated to making a positive impact in their community

*Community impact = most any admirable pursuit the individual is involved in outside of their job. This includes nonprofit grassroots organization, church groups, schools, service projects at the hospital and even the individual’s own family.

We are proud to announce these following Nominees and we are opening our staff-wide voting until July 29, 2022 and be submitted to ScionHealth to be recognized at our Summit, this fall in Louisville, Kentucky!

In alphabetical order:

Brooke Greathouse

Brooke Greathouse

Brooke works throughout the hospital wherever she is needed. Officially, Brooke is the nurse educator of the hospital, you can find her anywhere from in MedSurg Caring for patients, in OB treating newborn babies, to the ED dealing with anyone from our most critical to a challenging behavioral health patient.  Brooke can literally do it all. 

Brooke exhibits everything you envision when thinking about what a nurse should be.  Honest, fair, trustworthy, hard working, likeable, sweet, firm, and so on.  In other words she is an "old school nurse" trapped in a young lady's body.  She shows compassion to everyone: patients, family members, frequent flyers, VIPs, homeless people, physicians, paramedics, co-workers, literally everyone.  Brooke's interactions with even the most challenging patient never seems to deter her from her personal mission of providing quality care. This has earned her a Mercy Award back in 2020.

Brooke has led CPR training for several groups, and she is always first to sign up for community events, like the Christmas parade and charity fundraisers. Brooke genuinely loves what she does and it shows through in her enthusiasm to educate others in a way that makes them feel accomplished and competent.  Brooke's educational accomplishments as a masters prepared nurse, compassion for others, work ethic, and mission of servant leadership sets her apart from others and has set the standard for others to be measured against. 

Brooke is beyond deserving to be nominated for this inaugural Monarch Caring and Community Award.


Cranita Pitts

Cranita Pitts is being recognized because of the special impact and importance she has on patient care and the community’s health. Cranita is compassionate, caring, flexible, professional and understands that each individual in her care has unique needs and personalities.  Whether that individual is a patient or a staff member. She is seen as a go to resource to all.  She helps patients and staff by explaining things in a way they understand and is frequently recognized for all the help and support she provides her coworkers as a HR Generalist and from the nurses as a PCT. 

Multiple employees share the sentiment that Cranita makes positive changes every day and is an irreplaceable asset to the hospital.  She comes to work with a fabulous attitude and is a phenomenal employee. 

Cranita is always the first to jump in and help in community projects as well.  She assisted with the Miracle League and accepted the position of “CBR – Chief Ball Roller”… a job that lit up the eyes of children and adults with disabilities affording them the ability to play a baseball game.  The Miracle league removes the barriers that keep children and adults with mental and physical disabilities off the baseball field and lets them experience the joy of America’s favorite past time.  Cranita was a large part of that for the people of Covington and the surrounding counties.

Cranita spearheaded our recruitment drive alongside the HBCU (Historically Black College & University) with the mission of increasing awareness of college success and career options for Black youths in our county. We are so proud of all she has done to make impacts in our community. She is a great choice as a Monarch Caring and Community Award nominee.


Lynn Shiver

Lynn is an unbelievably caring individual who goes out of her way to make certain others are cared for.  Even though Lynn is a non-clinical employee, her decisions are steeped in a great knowledge of caring, and come from a deep working level of personal and professional experience. 

Those who had the pleasure of working with Lynn for some time will know her to be one of the most determined, focused, and driven people you will ever meet. She holds herself to a high  professional standard in all that she does and advocates the same for those around her.  Lynn's vision and purpose focuses on involvement throughout the multiple facets of care within the hospital, and she is always willing to learn.  Lynn's Christian faith shines through in her mission to provide for and teach others.  Even though she is necessarily financially driven, she always asks, "is this the right thing for the patient in the bed".

Lynn is an exceptional choice as one of the first Monarch Caring and Community Award nominees.


Terrie Frazier

Terrie works as our Pre-admission nurse in Surgery. She started in 1995  here at Andalusia Health in Outpatient Surgery.  

Terrie is very knowledgeable and patients love her. We cannot list all the patients who have requested Terrie to be their nurse, as she has impacted many patients' lives while working here. We get many new patients in our hospital because of Terrie! She is the face of our Outpatient Department. Terrie's positive attitude and willingness to help any departments in need of her makes her shine brighter.

Terrie is a part of Andalusia Junior Service league in the community. She is also on our Patient Safety Quality Council, Volunteers Committee, and Nurse Clinical Committee. Terrie will bring to the team any new ideas and/or processes to improve our workflow. On top of all that, she is one of our DAISY Award nominee. Our team absolutely loves Terrie and we can always count on her.

We absolutely believe Terrie deserves to be one of our Monarch Caring and Community Award nominees.

Thank you all for all you do!

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